Clinton v. Blair?

This weekend, Bill Clinton jokingly remarked that a challenge from Tony Blair (video) for the post of UN Secretary General “would suit me” and suggested that Blair would make a good SG.

BBC Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman: “Maybe he should run against you for Secretary General of the UN?”

Clinton: “Well, that would suit me. He would be a good one.”

The remark was made in a moment of good humor as Clinton was asked what he would advise Blair to do in retirement. Both hail from P5 member states, traditionally barred from seeking the position. Clinton, himself once rumored to be interested in the post, would have a better chance of securing the top post, given Blair’s support for the Iraq war. But would it not be an interesting race?

Update (Jan 25): In a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup pollconducted this past weekend, 66% of Americans say Tony Blair “would be a good secretary-general of the United Nations when he no longer is leading Great Britain.” A similar number of Americans had favorable views of the British prime minister, contrasted with an average of only 34% of Brits since January 2003.

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