New York Sun interview

Look in tomorrow’s New York Sun for an article by Benny Avni on the UNSG race for which I just gave a brief interview.

Update: Here is the link to the February 3rd article (hat tip to Rik). The article profiles this blog and includes a brief quote at the end on its contrast with the race’s usually opaque selection process.

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  1. karlistico says:

    I believe that Vike-Freiberga would be the perfect SG! The receipe is there – she’s a woman from the “new” Europe, Bush likes her, Chirac kisses her hand passionatly whenever they meet, she went to Moscow for
    the celebrations of the victory in WWII as the only one from the Baltics (so Putin should respect her), she speaks French fluently, grown up in Morocco and Canada – cosmopolitic, very diplomatic and understanding person. Vike-Freiberga for SG!

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