Radio Interview with Equality Now

Last month, UN Radio’s Jerry Adams interviewed Taina Bien-Aimé with Equality Now about that organization’s campaign to promote women in the selection of the next SG. A laudable goal, it is unfortunate that the effort is a symbolic one. As Ms. Bien-Aimé noted, the selection of a female SG would send the message that the UN is serious about gender equality and reaching gender parity, and it would acknowledge the importance of including women in the political process for the well-being of the world. A number of the women suggested by the campaign would make outstanding SGs, which makes the symbolic nature of the effort even more disappointing.

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  1. […] In this article in Korea Times, Philip Dorsey Iglauer focuses attention on the campaign for a female SG. Though not mentioning it by name, she refers to the symbolic campaign by Equality Now. Unlike that campaign, however, she takes a more strategic approach by identifying four qualified women leaders who also happen to come from Asia – thus meeting the regional qualification as well, and thus allowing face-saving by any government that, sadly, may still need it. […]

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