Glimpse in the Dark

In the next day or two, will launch a new page that will track each Security Council member’s position on the selection process and rumored candidates.

On this note, I offer a sample… A colleague engaged in the ongoing UN reform discussions has shared the insider news that U.S. Ambassador John Bolton informed a fellow ambassador that, failing a viable East European bid for the post, the U.S. fall-back candidate could be José Ramos-Horta, currently the East Timorese Minister for Foreign Affairs & Cooperation. This could be the the first glimpse into where P5 governments may end up.

5 Responses to “Glimpse in the Dark”

  1. kporter says:

    Jose Ramos Horta would probably be a great choice. Although it is hard to believe the administration would want an SG with as much moral authority as Ramos Horta.

  2. rikomatic says:

    He’d certainly get my vote. Lots of integrity and guts.

  3. admin says:

    If this is true, keep in mind that Ramos-Horta would still be the U.S. government’s second choice – not its first. So the question is, why him over Ban, Dhanapala or Surakiart (from the U.S. perspective)?


  4. vestnik says:

    As it is noted in several publications, GS is usually not the one who is the best, but the one who is the lesser of evils, so to speak, for each and every permanent member of Security Council. So the question might actually be something like “why not him (since you guys don’t like Ban, Dhanapala or Surakiart), or him, or her”? In another topic I tried to show that Ban, for example, has no chances at all. He won’t be supported neither by Beijing, nor by Moscow.

  5. […] ABC Asia Pacific is confirming, as reported on this blog last week, that José Ramos-Horta, Foreign Minister of East Timor, is on the “short-list” of UNSG candidates. Portuguese Foreign Minister Diogo Freitas do Amaral says he has been told by Portugal’s ambassador to the UN that Mr Horta’s name was on the shortlist. […]

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