Fréchette’s Advice

In the March 28th issue of Time Canada, departing Deputy Secretary General Louise Fréchette suggests an important qualification which the next UNSG – female or male – should possess: 

TIME: Secretary-General Kofi Annan is leaving at the end of the year. Should his replacement be a woman?

LF: I hope so. It’s important that women accede to the fullest responsibilities, although I’d be the last person to argue that a woman should be elected solely because she’s a woman. She has to have all the other qualities for the job.

TIME: Such as?

LF: A sense of humor. I’m a relaxed person, and I use humor to be happy in my work. In a multilateral, multicultural environment like this, 24 hours a day, there have to be some common bonds, and humor is one of them. If I couldn’t tease people, I wouldn’t be able to function.

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