Timeline on Selection

UN Photo #115164/Ryan BrownA timeline for the selection of the next UNSG is coming together, with the UN Security Council agreeing yesterday to continue informal discussions for the next two-three months, then beginning formal deliberations in June or July. Though not set, the selection is expected to take place between late September and November, reports Edith M. Lederer with the Associated Press. 

The question over regional rotation is still challenging the Council, with current Council President Ambassador Cesar Mayoral of Argentina, noting “We have some names, some ideas…But formally, we need to know if there will be first, regional rotation or not. That, I think, is instrumental to decide.” 

The United States and the United Kingdom are insisting that qualifications for office should trump regional rotation. The Associated Press notes UK Ambassador Emyr Jones Parry commenting that most members of the Council favor selecting a highly qualified candidate within the regional rotation scheme. The UK has also suggested the extraordinary step of seeking from candidates a formal statement on their qualifications for office and the goals they would pursue if chosen.

What Britain, and possibly other council members would like to see, Jones Parry said, is “that people who put themselves forward actually present a manifesto” which could be assessed by all U.N. member states. It should include why they want the job and “what they want to achieve for the United Nations and the secretary-general,” he said.


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