Establishing his independence

Despite the Indian government’s strong reaffirmation for the regional rotation tradition during its nomination of Tharoor, the candidate himself may not necessarily agree with that practice. 

“I welcome any qualified candidate and hope there will be many more, from Pakistan or anywhere else,” he said ahead of his talks with the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh and senior external affairs ministry officials…The 50-year-old noted author underlined that each of the candidate, including him, “will have to stand on our own merits and will have to have own credentials, rather than our passports as the principal qualification“.

He also underscored that, as UNSG, this independence of views would continue as part of the daily routine.

“I do not see a particular problem with regard to any national policy that India may pursue at the United Nations because India would do so bearing in mind its own national interest whereas I would be in a position to work for the collective interest of United Nations… If I am elected, I would be accountable to 191 countries, not to any one (country).”

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  1. sunaya_tikku says:

    Mr. Tharoor must exercise care and not prejudge the outcome of the process! We have yet to hear so much from other candidates as we have heard from him in the past 48 hours. This remains a perennial problem with us Indians. As soon as we are nominated (and note it is NOMINATED) for any high profile international assignment, we seem to jump the gun with over exposed media hype and constant barrage of comments from nominees. I do not recall the current UN Secretary General making all this noise even though in 1996 he must have known of his election. So, Mr Tharoor, do learn from your learned and well respected boss to exercise some humility some of the time!

  2. shobha79 says:

    I have to agree with Sunaya Tikku. Mr. Tharoor’s record should speak for itself. If the Indian embassy in Washington is already handling his campaign, is he not overdoing it by also speaking so freely to the media in New Delhi?
    It should be the Indian governmenr releasing pertinent statements about his candidature and on India’s bid for a permanent UNSC seat, and not Mr. Tharoor!
    I must say that despite all his trials and tribulations (and there have been many), Mr. Kofi Annan is the perfect example of what the world’s chief diplomat should be. His grace and utter humility combined with intellect and acumen have brought him the recognition he so richly deserves. Mr. Tharoor would do well to follow that example and resist the urge to damage a process that could well work in his favor.

  3. Dr.Yashanvitha says:

    Dr. Tharoor is absolutely in supreme spirit & refined mind as a graceful, humble, diplomatic person to be the future UN SG.I do not agree with Sunaya Tikku that he has to be reminded about his grace & humbleness.Three years back, I saw him during the IDPVigil & heartily wished to see him as a future UNSG,when he was seated beside Mr Kofi Annan.Now the time has come.He gave the interview & commented on the post because he knows the pros & cons of the high profile international assignment, having been served to UN through out during his adulthood.It is not to be perceived as jump the gun with over exposed media hype.It is his accountability to the world on a whole, at his every step.World need the supremely refined mind who can wave the flag of world peace & justice when the world is terrified with three edged sword,one edge being the nuclear wars,other being the natural calamities & another being the heartless unhuman terrorist activities.Dr. Tharoor can surely do justice to this post keeping the future of the world in the next decade of this 21st Century in his mind.Though he knows it is the hardest job on this earth,it is not impossible for him.He knows how to make the impossible into possible.With his universal impartial secular spirit, he can do 100%justice to the post & the world, infinitely.Iam infact a rationalist, but I understand the limitations of being rational.So I have vowed to Lord Thirupathi that Dr. Shashi Tharoor should be elected for this post & all the essential Shakthi(power) to make the impossible task into easily possible be granted to him.Thats what any sensible person should pray for the dynamic leader of coming tomorrows when he has been nominated at this moment.He has come a long way in his career sacrificing his personal life,dedicating himself to give thoughtful writings to the world & serving the world body like U.N.He is already an embodiment of Justice & Peace to the world issues through his thoughts & articles.Congrats to him.Our best wishes & prayers are always with him.

  4. Dr.Yashanvitha says:

    Dr.Tharoor is a world’s precious treasure,not just Asia’s or India’s. I do not agree with Shobha79 that he shouldn’t have commented on India’s bid for permanent position in Security Council. Pls know that this is the separate issue that would be dealt separately. Regional rotation is not infact necessary as UNO is not a world government where people of Nations send their representative to elect the candidate.Dr. Tharoor has built his career through out even without the intervention of India.Today India has sensed him as the most right candidate for the post & has nominated.But it doesn’t mean that he would be India’s Secretary General to U.N. He would be U.N.’s Secretary General who is having Indian Citizenship.He would be accountable to the whole world,not just to India thereafter. He has to take the stand that is beyond the barriers of regions which is highly ethical & essential for the post.Iam a motherly doctor but that doesn’t mean Iam a doctor only to my child or only to my mother.So pls know the difference of Indian UNSG & India’s UNSG. Dr. Tharoor would be definitely representing the words & voice of the people as Nations who love World Justice & World Peace.U.N.O is not a political party where politicians find their eligibility for the UNSG post.One need to be politically uninvolved in his records to be eligible for this post.Dr. Tharoor’s records speak by itself & there is no need for him to do any campaign.

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