Will Goh enter the fray?

With signs that Pakistan is now willing to back a non-Pakistani for UNSG, attention is turning to whether Singapore Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong will enter the race. He has often been mentioned as a likely late entry. He is reportedly seeking assurances from at least three P5 members before he throws his hat in the ring.

The immediate impact of Goh entering the race would be the unraveling of ASEAN’s backing of Thailand’s Surakiart Sathirathai. As recently as the beginning of this month, Goh was reaffirming Singapore’s support for the ASEAN-endorsed candidate.

“It could be a Singaporean. At one time, we actually talked through that, whether we should field a candidate. But there were no volunteers from Singapore,” said SM Goh… “We decided that since Asean has a candidate in the Thai DPM Surakiat Sathirathai, we supported him and that is our position,” Mr Goh added.

China is expected to be favorable to a Goh candidacy, at least more so than to the current field of candidates. The UK is also reportedly encouraging Goh to run, which suggests the U.S. would not be opposed to him. The key signal however remains with China. Any signal from China that the field contains worthy candidates would be a significant development, likely signaling their interest in the latest competitor.    

Goh’s nomination would likely intially contrast his age and experience in a  foriegn ministry with Tharoor, his outsider status with Dhanapala and, in contrast to Ban and Surakiart, his greater salability to China.

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  1. Dr.Yashanvitha says:

    Why Mr.Shashi Tharoor to the post of UNSG?

    -Otherwise it is as funny as searching for the ounce of buttermilk ,holding hand full of premium butter with the UN,Asia & the world on a whole, to experience the taste of administration of pure ghee.

    -Other candidates who have been nominated till now are eligible, but not as much as Mr.Shashi Tharoor.They cannot ‘shashi’ fy their inspirations,thoughts, words,deeds, biographies,records at this stage & transcend the globe with newly reformed, more organised UN.

    -What the general public need is not the UN which is just a mirror to reflect the existing status of their world, but a prism which can refract & transform the status of this globe, by giving out the spectrum of vibrant light of secular spirit.That prism is Mr. Shashi Tharoor’s mind.

    -Bridge between developed & developing nations is more essential than bridge between North & South of the globe.Mr. Tharoor is that bridge out of other nominated candidates by his birth,growth & service till date.

    -Any other Asia’s country, if blesses the world & U.N. with more merited nominee than Mr. Tharoor, then it is certailnly great relief to the global citizens who have kept their hopes & dreams of the new effective global governance in Mr.Tharoor’s words & deeds.

    -To judge Mr. Tharoor,members of UN & citizens of globe, not only need to look from his service to UN throughout his adulthood,but also need to dive deep into his books & articles where he has preserved his priceless treasures for the bright future of this entire globe.

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