Ghani’s nomination official

The government of Afghanistan today officially nominated former Finance Minister Dr. Ashraf Ghani for UNSG.

Update: The letter of nomination has been circulated to members of the Security Council.

This comes several days following a report in the Financial Times that Ghani’s nomination was forthcoming but with no confirmation from the government. Speculation suggested that Ghani’s nomination may not have been official and that differences between Ghani and President Hamid Karzai could preclude the government from backing him.

But a statement on the nomination by the Foreign Minister today noted Ghani’s “innovative leadership” and “exemplary service” in the reconstruction of post-Taliban Afghanistan.

The Government of Afghanistan believes that Ashraf Ghani is uniquely equipped to lead the United Nations at time when imagination and leadership are required in both security and development.  He has worked at the frontlines of conflict and poverty.  As someone who stands at the intersection of Islam and the West, he has the capacity to bring the world together at a time of growing religious and geopolitical tension.

The Government of Afghanistan was prompted to nominate Ghani by the need for the United Nations to have a Secretary General who was not only good
diplomat and manager, but who also understands the unique challenges of a world vexed by growing insecurity.

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  1. km7807 says:

    As somebody who had a privileged opportunity to work for Dr. Ghani in Afghanistan, I am thrilled to hear the fantastic news of his candidacy to the UNSG. Dr. Ghani has a brilliant mind, charismatic leadership, great sense of humanity, passion for development, and invaluable real experience in state-building, and a vision for global peace and prosperity. He is the only person who can and will build a bridge between the north and the south, and between the east and the west. Nobody but him can revive the UN and fulfill its mission in this challenging time in the world’s history. He is simply an amazing human being.

  2. […] Both official statements and rumors always include the possibility of non-Americans being considered by the Treasury Department. This year, the rumored frontrunner is Ashraf Ghani, the post-9/11 finance minister of Afghanistan and last-minute contender for the UN Secretary-Generalship lin 2006. Although it took becoming a naturalized American citizen for Australian-born James Wolfensohn to “qualify” for nomination, there is nothing to suggest that the U.S. could not tap a non-American such as Ghani as its nominee – in effect having its cake and eating it too. As noted above, whoever the nominee is, the nominee will still have to be approved by a majority of the Bank’s other Executive Directors. […]

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