Zeid comes in!

Jordan submitted the formal nomination of Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein to the President of the Security Council today, bringing the field of candidates to five. Zeid, a widely respected diplomat, has been a rumored candidate from the beginning. Steve Clemons suggested in February that Zeid is liked by U.S. Ambassador John Bolton and that supporting Zeid, a moderate Muslim, could serve to improve relations between the United States and Muslim countries.

“…elevating someone like Zeid to the position of Secretary General might send a number of constructive signals to the Muslim world — that they matter and have leaders engaged in constructive stake-holding in the global system.”

Jordan has already approached its Arab neighbors to solicit support for their nominee. Zeid’s nomination comes on the eve of Arab League Council’s 126th session and Jordan’s ambassador to the League, Omar Rifai, has already conveyed the government’s request for endorsement to the League Secretary General today.    

Zeid’s nomination maintains the field of Asian candidates while highlighting the territorial extent of the 54-member Asian regional group at the UN, which stretches from Cyprus to Japan to Tonga. Observers will be watching particularly for some signal from Ambassadors Bolton and Wang in the coming days regarding their respective governments’ support for Zeid’s candidacy.

In the meantime, what do you think?

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  1. Insha Allah says:

    Salam Alekum unsg.org

    God willing, Prince should aim at becoming Presiding King, but not for the race of UN secretary g.

    Experience is the hard teacher, she gives the test first & lessons later. So one who is not only just familiar with UN, but one who has full hand knowledge & experience with UN through out his lifetime would be an ideal candidate to give reasonable amount of required authority to run the organisation,irrespective of religion.No one understood the job & described the job better than Tharoor in his article-Impossible Job & in his answers to the questions from NGOs.

    If religion is playing role, then ethically,not only geographic regional rotation becomes the felt need of few,but religion rotation too becomes essential to many in future.

    The next unsg, really need to be above all the religions & regions.But thats hard to get as she or he has to be born in some region or some religion on this earth.So filling the job should not be based on one’s birth or passport.But it should be based on the experience which moulds & refines the individual ideology.Religions are essential just like boats, buses to reach the shore or destinations. But after reaching the shore or destination one need not sit in the same boat or buses.He can take the flight to be universal with deep concerns for all religions & regions to see the beauty of unity in diversity.Tharoor’s books were the reflection of having felt & experienced this beauty of unity in diversity.Tharoor’s life & records are the reflection of such universal concerns.In the next crucial 5 yrs world is deeply in need of such universal concerns above the religions & regions.

    Bcos u have asked-what r u thinking,
    I was thinking about the funny side of this selection process as I read the news.
    Joke is
    Sacrificial lamb would have been the right nominee to run in the race for unsg as it goes to Allah directly with its eye open.
    Next unsg has to be accountable not only for human rights of 192 nations, but also for Animal rights! So he need to be purely vegetarian!
    He would be accountable for the Mother Earth,Mother Nature with this growing threat of Global warming.So his life style should be totally eco- friendly.
    Only Tharoor repeated & reaffirmed Gandhi’s quote -“We must be the change”

    Prince nomination would fail to send constructive signal to the Muslim world, bcos Muslims are not that weak.They do not have the insecurity.They are already in the high positions around the world.Neither Catholics,Hindus nor Buddhist have the insecurity.

    A true Muslim is one who finds his security with Allaha,not with the positions.A true Hindu is one who has deep tolerance for all the paths that lead to Allah.A true catholic is one who radiates divine love to all faiths.A true buddhist or Jain is one who has deep respect for the rights of all life.
    Only & only Tharoor is all in one among all other nominees!

    Kudha Afeece

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