A Case for Secretary General Bolton

A recent story may have surprised many observers, even if welcomed by advocates of gender rotation, such as U.S. Ambassador John Bolton:

Angelina Jolie To Succeed Kofi Annan
UNITED NATIONS …  – Following American ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton’s suggestion that an outsider – and a woman – should be the United Nation’s next secretary general, the predominantly male-dominated General Assembly voted unanimously for Angelina Jolie.

Of course, the story was a parody, but it provided surprisingly accurate details on the selection process – Bolton’s comments, appointment by the GA, a field of four candidates led by the South Korean foreign minister, etc. – for an audience that might not otherwise be engaged on the race.

But the search for Annan’s successor made the late-night “big time” with Stephen Colbert‘s suggestion that Ambassador Bolton should be the next UNSG. The Colbert Report (pronounced coal-BARE re-POUR, with silent T’s) is an American show known for its satirical lampooning of ideologically right American talk shows and for hilarious interviews with authors, celebrities and even Members of the U.S. Congress. 

Colbert’s case for a Bolton-led Secretariat?  Well…. just watch and decide for yourself.


(video courtesy of crooksandliars.com)

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  1. Dr.Yashanvitha says:

    Maatha Amritanandamayi(Ammacchi means univesal Mother) is an outsider as well as a woman who is more humanitarian aswell as divinitarian than Angelina Jolie to succeed Mr. Kofi Annan.She has been awarded with Millenium Peace Prize from UN & adored as God’s love in human body!!! She would be definitely an ideal UNSG.She can sweep & wash the hearts of predominantly male dominated voters at UN who seem to be definitely suffering with hyperactivity of prostaglandins.Ammacchi may handover all the responsibility to her son-Dr.Shashi Tharoor & smilingly transform the kiss of death into embrace of life with her generous electrifying divine hugs to all male voters.

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