Original Intent

U.S. Ambassador to the UN, John BoltonU.S. Ambassador John Bolton reinterated yesterday that member goverments are responsible for ensuring the next SG brings to the table strong administative skills and the ability to “tighten supervision” over the Secretariat. The U.S. statement, that “oversight by the secretary-general should be strengthened,” followed findings of potential procurement fraud, possibly reaching into the tens of millions of dollars.

And the Ambassador did not miss the opportunity to frame the U.S. view in his uniquely, “Boltonesque” style:

“The U.N. charter clearly says that the U.N. Secretary General should be chief administrative officer,” Bolton said Monday. “We are original intent people in the Bush Administration and that’s what we’re looking for, a chief administrative officer. We need one. We need one very soon.”

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  1. rikomatic says:

    As an “original intent” person myself, I might point out that the Framers of the Constitution did not intend for the Executive Branch to dominate the legislative and judicial branch. Nor did they intend for the federal government to encroach upon the authority of the states as much as it has in the past 50 years.

    Nevertheless, practice has shown that the UN SG has always been much more than a “chief administrator” of the organization. Dag Hammarskjold, the 2nd SG, said that the secretary-general was “a sort of secular pope, and, for much of the time, a pope without a church.”

    Why would we want a Secretary General who is just a bean counter instead of a true global leader? Ah, because we don’t want an effective UN, that’s why. Doh.

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