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What would you like to ask Surakiart Sathirathai, Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga or José Ramos-Horta?

As candidates speak on the issues currently facing the UN, including reform challenges, development goals and terrorism, this is your chance to submit a question for UN beat reporters and civil society groups to pose to the candidates.

Questions could include:

  • What qualifies her or him for the office of UNSG?
  • What will he or she do to restore trust in the UN?
  • How can the UN address the growing divide between North and South; the U.S. and other governments; and/or the West and the Islamic world?
  • What should be the proper balance between management and diplomacy in the SG’s job description?
  • How would he or she make their selection more transparent to the global public?
  • Other questions remain, of course, and we invite you to help us ask them. Post here questions and issues you’d like see addressed by the candidates.

    4 Responses to “Join the Press Corps”

    1. rikomatic says:

      How will you continue to encourage the evolving and expanding role of civil society within the UN system?

    2. PeterDavidse says:

      The United Nations organisation is to be the centre for the harmonisation of the efforts of it’s member states to save the succeeding generations from the scourge of war. War still strikes in our lifetime. What milestone deliveries do you plan for your first term, if elected UNOSG, to meet this aim of the second generation political world organization?

    3. PeterDavidse says:

      My contribution could be rephrased as:

      The United Nations organisation is to be the centre for the harmonisation of the efforts of mankind to create a peacefull world. It’s member states, although officially committed to save us from the scourge of war, in practice use armed conflicts to further their political aims.
      The UN has helped to evade a third world war. What could the UN under your eadership do the coming 7 years to put an end to all war?

    4. Tony says:

      Peter – could we perhaps rephrase it even better to ask, simply,

      “How will you use your offices to support United Nations efforts in reducing or ending interstate conflict?”

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