GA’s Role in Selection Process

The Ad Hoc Working Group on GA Revitalization will be meeting at 10:00am on Wednesday morning, April 19th, in closed session. On the agenda is the specific discussion of the General Assembly’s role in the selection of the Secretary-General.

The topic gained renewed interest with the Canadian “non-paper” and is reportedly an important principle under discussion within the Non-Aligned Movement.  

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  1. kovrig says:

    Canada will make a statement to the General Assembly April 19 formally outlining specific proposals for improving the SG selection process. The text will be available the same day at

  2. […] Turner points out that the Canada, with its “non-paper,” is driving this discussion. Michael Kovrig with the Canadian Permanent Mission alerted readers yesterday to Canada’s scheduled statement today to the GA formally outlining specific proposals for improving the selection process. The text of the statement will be available on the mission’s website, […]

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