Clinton, Blair… and now Chirac??

When French President Jacques Chirac visited Thailand in February, he diplomatically resisted pressure to announce support for Surakiart Sathirathai as the next UNSG. Earlier this month, the Philippine Ambassador to France Jose Abeto Zaide stated that he would join other ASEAN ambassadors in calling on the French Foreign Minister to signal French support for the Thai candidate.

UN Photo #UNE4304 by Michelle PoiréSuch lobbying may have been falling on deaf ears, if Anne Elisabeth Moutet, a free lance journalist in Paris, is correct. Ms. Moutet was interviewed today by BBC and PRI’s The World on the opening of a museum on indigenous art in Paris, during which she made the suggestion that President Chirac may have his own ambitions for the post. 

An excerpt can be heard by clicking here.

Moutet: “…more to the point, Chirac is rather interested in succeeding Kofi Annan as the head of the UN; this is something that he believes he has support across the globe for…”

Host: “And apparently, Secretary General Annan was at the opening of the museum today, is that right?

Moutet: “Indeed, and that’s another clear indication that Chirac has an eye on the UN…”

This is the first mention I have heard of Chirac’s interest, and, seriously, he doesn’t stand a chance. But what is it with former and soon-to-be former P5 leaders wanting to move to New York? 

(…on that note, I will be in New York myself tomorrow for a public discussion on the UNSG selection process hosted by the Center for UN Reform Education. Speakers will include Sir Brian Urquhart, Barbara Crossette and Ayca Ariyoruk.)


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  1. AUBLANC says:

    Interesting point of vue, (I will do a post on that soon in my blog ) but not really realistic, yes Chirac support for ever UN and work on his international image.

    But please do not forget that Chirac in the most impopular President we never have in France end in number of francophone countries. His possible SG candidate would be probably read as a joke by the french opinion.


    Michel Aublanc

  2. […] Oh, and on Chirac seeking the job himself? According to the source, “That is amusing. Though he has a love for Japan, I don’t think that qualifies him as Asian.” […]

  3. Mr. Chan Hee Jung says:

    Luckily. There are so many Asians in our Global town that we can not remember the exact percent of asian in Global. And more luckily, there are so many Asian candidates who live in East/south/middle Asia that we need not to remember his name Chirac.
    If Chirac really want to be candidate for UNSG, he need to have a experience of living in Iraq. Frankly Speaking, Even though his international image was created at the time of Iraq War, I can not know what is his achievement. Did he gave a useful solution at that time? Did he give a poof of nonexist of chemical/atomic weapon? As far as I concerns……He only grabed a international fame and international image. If my though is not right, He need to concrete his vision in Asia. Can he solve any one of big problems in Asia? (For exemple, peace in Iraq, New relation between Twain and Chian, peaceful power exchange in North Korea, independence of Palesthain, controable atomic skedule in Iran…….)

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    Clinton, Blair… and now Chirac?? «

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