Ban Ki Moon Wins

Following today’s straw poll, China’s Permanent Representative Wang informed the media that Ban will be the Security Council’s nominee. 

“…it is quite clear that from today’s straw poll that Ban Ki Moon is the candidate that the Security Council will recommend to the General Assembly.”

The vote was 14 encouraging and 1 “no opinion,” Wang reported. The result indicates that Ban was not opposed by any of the permanent members. All five remaining candidates received at least one discouraging vote from permanent member(s).

  Encourage Discourage No Opinion
Ban 14 0 1
Tharoor 10 3 (1 P) 2
Vike-Freiberga 5 6 (2 P) 4
Surakiart 4 7 (2 P) 4
Ghani 4 11 (3 P) 0
Zeid 2 8 (1 P) 5

Shashi Tharoor, who again came in second, gave his concession speech shortly after Wang’s statement. He was upbeat and friendly in answering questions about his own candidacy, the openness of this year’s process and Ban Ki Moon’s strong showing. He note that he had already faxed his congratulations to Mr. Ban via the Korean permanent mission.

“I entered the race because of my devotion to the United Nations, and for the same reason, I will strongly support [Mr. Ban] as the next Secretary General. The United Nations and the world have a stake in his success.”

U.S. Ambassador Bolton reported that the Security Council will move to a formal vote on Monday morning, October 9th. Bolton noted that new candidates could still come forward but he would be surprised if any did before Monday. The first formal vote was delayed to allow candidates to withdraw, Bolton said.

17 Responses to “Ban Ki Moon Wins”

  1. The beaver says:

    The discouraging vote must be France IMHO. India has been working hard to get the buy-in from France for its candidate but seems that Korea is pushing ahead.

  2. […] Ban Ki-Moon of South Korea. The Security Council’s signed off on him. All that’s left is for the General Assembly to kiss the bride. The formal SC vote is next Monday, not sure about the GA. […]

  3. Peter says:

    Still a tiny window for a new candidate or candidates.

    Note that Bolton said that the SC decided to leave some time before its first formal vote (next Monday), in order to allow candidates to withdraw. Obviously, the permanent members want all but Ban to withdraw, hence their discourage votes for all the others. It seems to me the window has deliberately been left open for a new candidate, probably from ASEAN, because for as long as Surakaiart remained in the race, no ASEAN country wanted to formally break the ASEAN consensus to support him. If he is out of the picture, there may be others emerging, but they will be facing a candidate who clearly has the current momentum – we need to see the signs (out of London especially IMHO) over the next day to see whether they are really encouraging a new candidate.

    BTW, do we know if the ‘no opinion’ votes were also colour coded??, because clearly if Ban received a no opinion from a permanent member, he could still be facing a veto next week.

    Thanks to for some fabulous coverage (even if the comments thread has at times been a little partisan – but that is the nature of open access forums).

  4. verbatim says:

    Is it acceptable that one can buy the top post this way?? I read an article in,,25689-2380336,00.html and it seems quite visible that Ban is a corrupt candidate. I would.. ban him from the top UN post.

  5. bigboss says:


    Thats the bottom line for todays world and ofcourse the United Nations. Even such a prestigious institution succumbs to the grip of monetary wealth…..its a shame.

    Its called UNITED nations but the decisions are not UNITED, they are concentrated in the hands of the permanent members. All have their own vested interests and ulterior motives.

    If the elections of the SG are so badly influenced then the decision of the SG will be totally controlled. The SG will just be a puppet.

    Its good for Tharoor that he wont become a puppet. His gracious concession is a sign of self respect and dignity and I am sure he will be able to do much more good than the SG and by being a SG.

    God Bless Everyone.

  6. […] El próximo lunes 9 de octubre los 15 miembros del Consejo de Seguridad de las Naciones Unidas votarán para sugerirle a la Asamblea General un nombre para reemplazar a Kofi Annan como Secretario General del organismo multilateral. Es probable que ustedes hayan oído acerca de Ban Ki-Moon, ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de Corea del Sur, quien con toda seguridad sucederá al ghanés a partir del 1 de enero de 2007. Según votaciones previas, Ban es el único de los candidatos que no sería vetado por ninguno de los cinco miembros permanentes (Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, Francia, China y Rusia), lo que prácticamente asegura su elección. […]

  7. World Light says:

    Well said, bigboss.
    It is not the United Nations Org anymore but rather the Dividing Nations Org.
    World will not be able to embrace Mr. Ban wholeheartedly with his Foreign Policy Diplomatics.Such victory is truly shameful to claim.

    It is a great honour to Mr. Tharoor who consistently got 10, only with his credentials & experiences.This is the true victory world would remember forever.
    World would never be able to forget the injustice that has happened to Mr. Tharoor’s devotion & credentials of 28yrs to UN. World has lost the faith in UN as the international guardian of human rights when it do not know to give tribute to the embodiment of true devotion like Mr. Tharoor.

    However, Mother India is not poor with her virtues.It knows how to respond to the true devotion of the life time.Mother India greets her son wholeheartedly with wide open hands to embrace Mr. Tharoor as next President of India.It would be a great privilege to citizens of India to have the ‘Son Of The World’ & ‘Great Treasure Of The World’ as its First Citizen.But yet it gives the option to Mr. Tharoor to continue with his world service & global dedication than her own service.
    We would remember Mr. Tharoor forever for all his genuine devotion,service, experience,profound knowledge & strong career credentials with great humbleness & tolerance.A true Inspiration to be reborn as a human being for any life on this earth.It is not the defeat, but the true victory of good virtues.

  8. […] It comes as no surprise that this tradition will continue when Kofi Annan completes his term as Secretary General.  Based on an informal vote yesterday in the U.N. Security Council, Ban Ki Moon, South Korea’s Foreign Minister, is poised to become the next Secretary-General of the United Nations.   The breakdown of straw votes shows that each of the remaining candidates was opposed by at least one permanent member of the Security Council (i.e. with veto power).   The Security Council will hold a formal vote on Monday, Oct. 9, after which it will send its recommendation to the General Assembly for approval.    […]

  9. audas says:

    Yeah , whatever. Everyone is sooooooooo switched on . !!?

    Here is a tip.

    Who did BUSH include in his axis of evil speech. WHO has NUKES. WHO is being threatened by U.S. and WHO is being cajolled into joining CHINAS expansionist policy. Oh I dont know lets see…….ummmmmmm…….NORTH KOREA perhaps.

    Hey great idea lets put the SOUTH KOREAN foreign minister up for head of the united nations as a front man for our policies blah, blah, blah………..

  10. mvchilukuri says:

    US will piss in her pants for electing Mr Ban. Even before Mr Ban takes his seat, he will be welcomed with his diplomatic failure to stop North Korean from Nuclear Missile Testing. Mr Kofi Annan is big failure in preventing Iraq War and secondly got emroiled fully with corruption scandal Oil for Food program. Finally, he could not stop Israel & Hamas War.

    Welcome Mr Ban, to the MOON of Nuclear Testing!

    Mr Ban is going to get Nuclear Welcome from North Korea and Iran!

  11. mvchilukuri says:

    I appreciate with what WORLD LIGHT has mentioned. May be it’s great pleasure to see Mr Tharoor as Indian next president.

  12. World Light says:

    Tharoor was the only serenity & spark of hope I had researched, next to Martin Luther & Mahathma Gandhi to this world.THANKS TO UK, FRANCE,CHINA,RUSSIA FOR NOT USING VETO AGAINST HIM.Despite getting more than 9 govt’s support, he can’t be SG, bcos of one veto.All for good to Tharoor’s peace of mind in future.But Ban is with loads of allegations & criticisms, even before he could take charge of his duty as SG,which would only add to spoil the image of the UN further.Let us not blame any Nations for the insanity of one mind.I love US & US citizens as much as India & India’s citizens.But what is concerned to me is how to wash the UN Security Council.Just look at this message I have rcvd.

    September 6, 2006

    Dear World Light

    While our CODEPINK delegation was in Lebanon witnessing firsthand the pain and suffering caused by the conflict with Israel, US Ambassador John Bolton was at the United Nations trying to block a ceasefire.

    Talking a leaf from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s 2003 criticism of France and Germany as “old Europe”, Bolton called the French ceasefire initiative “old thinking”. We at CODEPINK believe Bolton is the one who truly represents “old thinking”—his thinking that might makes right, that we need to go it alone, that compromise is a sign of weakness, are all sadly antiquated notions of power.

    This week, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote on whether or not John Bolton will continue to represent the United States at the United Nations. Please call your senators ( on Wednesday, September 6 and urge them to oppose John Bolton’s nomination as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

    We are grateful that, despite Bolton’s protest, the international community forced a ceasefire through the Security Council, and Italy and France took the lead to send peacekeepers to the border.

    CODEPINK is delivering flowers to the French and Italian embassies to thank them for working so steadfastly toward peace. Their contributions of peacekeeping troops—2,450 from Italy and 2,000 from France—will help enforce the ceasefire along the Israeli-Lebanese border. Please send your own words of gratitude to let them know how much we appreciate their diplomatic efforts.

    French Embassy

    Italian Embassy

    It is time for true diplomacy in our own country. We need to get John Bolton out of the UN and replace him with an ambassador who will acknowledge that we are part of an interdependent, international community. An ambassador who believes in the power of negotiation and international cooperation to create positive change in our world. That is certainly what we need right now to end the violence in Iraq and get our troops home.

    With peace and hope,

    Allison, Anedra, Dana, Erin, Farida, Gael, Jodie, Katie, Laura, Medea, Meredith, Nancy, Rae, Samantha and

    P.S. On Thursday, August 31st, Army Specialist Mark Wilkerson joined the growing numbers of war resisters speaking out about their refusal to participate in the illegal war in Iraq. With the support of CODEPINK, after being AWOL for a year and a half, Mark issued a public statement from Camp Casey and then turned himself in to Fort Hood to face the consequences of his courageous decision.

  13. Dr.Yashanvitha says:

    World knows very well that Security Council is exploiting its power to veto
    unreasonably. It is incontestable & inconceivable to encourage the candidates by officialising their nominations to run for the race only to discourage them at the end.If any one of the p-5 had slightest objection towards any candidates, they shouldn’t have encouraged to enter the race.This is truly very unfair to veto the candidates during the straw polls.Yes, is everything in this world depend just on p-5’s day to day cardiac failure & psychological mood elevation & depression?
    Here is the prescription for UN…Shift immediately to ICCU(Intesive Cardiac Care Unit) & complete bed rest for 6 yrs till recovery.

  14. mvchilukuri says:

    I think they did better job by calling ceasefire. Hope peace prevails over passion for provoked patriotism! Three cheers for Villepin!

  15. Lyndz says:

    I would just like to point out to the one who calls him/herself “audas” that NORTH Korea and SOUTH Korea are totally and completely different. See, there was this little thing called the KOREAN WAR, and guess what it was about? Yeah, they SPLIT UP. Notice how they’re two different countries? Surprisingly enough, that means they’re independent of each other! Who’d of thought? I’m just a senior high school student, and even I know that! I’ve been researching this issue lately, and I firmly believe in Ban’s ability to lead and possibly reform the UN. And just so you know, ‘mvchilukuri’, true, North Korea has missile testing, but that’s NORTH KOREA!! Ban has nothing to do with that, thank you. And, it was in the United States’ best interests to support Ban, and they’ve been allies since the Korean War. It is Asia’s turn to hold SG, and I don’t think they could have found a better candidate. I whole-heartedly accept that he will be a fit and able-bodied SG.

  16. […] is reporting that, following today’s straw poll, South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon has emerged as the Security Council’s nominee for the UN Secretary-General position. With 14 encouraging votes and 1 ‘no opinion’, Moon will now almost certainly succeed Kofi Annan, who retires at the end of 2006. […]

  17. […] ^ “Ban Ki-moon wins”. 2006-10-02. Retrieved 2006-10-02.  […]

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