Project on Global Leadership Selection

Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro assumed office today as the third Deputy Secretary General. Her formal appointment marks the post’s continued development and her performance will continue to shape its role within the constellation of global leadership posts.  

Last month, I finished my graduate work on the Univeristy of Maryland with the completion of a project on global leadership selection now being refined as a grant-funded project with a leading policy institute. For those with an interest in this topic, you are welcome to download and read a description of the proposed project.

The timeliness of the project may not be immediately apparent, until one considers the rapidly approaching appointments of a number of global posts. Most senior global officials serve 4-5 year terms, and each year a number of these come up for reappointment. Just having wrapped up coverage of the UNSG selection, I am looking ahead to covering the appointments of the following officials:

  • Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (Oct 2008–June 2009)
  • Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (Nov 2008–May 2009)
  • Director General of the World Trade Organization (Jan–May 2009)
  • Administrator of the United Nations Development Program (Feb–May 2009)
  • President of the World Bank (Jan–April 2010)
  • High Commissioner for Refugees (Feb–May 2010)
  • Secretary-General of the OECD (Jan 2010–Nov 2011)
  • Secretary-General of the United Nations (Jan–Oct 2011)
  • Director General of the World Health Organization (May 2011–May 2012)
  • Those interested in working on improving the selection processes of any or all of these posts and/or the proposed Improving Global Leadership Selection project are welcome to contact me at .

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